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Key accounts include all the modern trade outlets from Hypermarkets, Chain supermarkets, Large Supermarkets and Kikuubo. Our team of Key account sales executives have excellent relationship with the trade and outlet managers which ensure smooth and steady implementations at all levels. The sales team ensures complete coverage of Key accounts channel. Our trained team of mobile and stationed merchandisers cover all the key accounts and ensure excellent shelf space and visibility at all times. Our brands share top positions in many of the product categories which reflect through our shelf share and quality of displays maintained in the modern trade outlets. Apart from these, our excellent and long standing relationship with the trade enables us to initiate speed in new product introductions and shelf placement.

These include standalone supermarkets, small supermarkets and convenient stores. The client base for these outlets is different thereby requiring a specialized and focused mini Key account approach to this channel. With this objective of enhancing our distribution focus we have a separate team specialized to meet the specific requirements of this trade channel. Charms commands an excellent distribution reach in this channel with many of our brands dominating the categories through superior visibility and product placement.


We believe that the success of any brand depends on how fast and how well it reaches the hands of the end-user. Our van sales operation covers Large Groceries, Small Groceries and Convenience stores and reaches all over Uganda. The Van sales are divided into various routes covering the Capital City – Kampala and the suburbs. Each Van has a sales executive supported by a Salesman / driver. Our van sales team covers about 6000 outlets with a frequency of minimum 4 visits to the customer per month. The team is headed by an experienced Sales Manager to monitor the efficiencies of the vans and to manage customer relations. There are Vans which support the upcountry distributors to penetrate the markets around. Charms has over 20 vehicles that help in improving its distribution  efficiency, the business is also willing to purchase new vehicles in order to achieve its target of covering 9000 outlets in the next two years.

Each sales executive has a hand held tab with a sales force automation (SFA) application. This enables capturing real time sales of each outlet. The sales executive also move with a mobile Bluetooth printer that prints receipts immediately at each outlet.

In Kampala, the wholesale market (William Street & Kikuboo) is the hub of the country. We have a dedicated team of executives to tap the wholesale potential of our brands. It is a price sensitive market and through our vigilant sales force and prompt service actions we meet the expectation of our wholesale clients which have resulted in repeated purchase inquiries over the years. Every year through our loyal wholesale clients we move good volumes of our products thru out the country and the neighboring markets.

Our sub-distributors are strategically located in all major commercial cities and towns in Uganda to help achieve even distribution of products to our customers. We have a dedicated team of sales executives attached with the Sub-distributors to focus on our brands. These executives report to their respective Area managers who are experienced in the field of distribution and are also the account managers of the Sub distributors. A team of dedicated Van salesmen go around the country supporting the Sub-Distributors.

Each of our distributors have  exclusive vans to cover their areas , this helps in improving  availability of our brands in various outlets outside the city. The plan for 2019 is to equip each distributor with a hand held tab that incorporates a Sales Force Automation (SFA) system that helps in improving their coverage.

Our Logistics team handles both transportation and inventory. We continually strive to reduce costs in transportation and ensure order fulfillment – while increasing service to our customers. Our transportation department manages all aspects of product movements within the network that requires our support. We have a dedicated fleet of delivery vans to support every region.

The objective of the department is to provide in-house brand management to our suppliers. An excellent relationship with the suppliers ensures cost effectiveness and quality. With a team of merchandisers, the department ensures full display and availability of the products in all outlets. The team also works with the Principals to support Product Launches, Consumer activities, promotions, visibility planning and distribution drives.

MERCHANDISING: Our merchandisers are equipped with smart phones and tablets. Each smartphone/tablet has a merchandising app installed in order to monitor product availability in stores and also to monitor product displays. Our merchandisers are supervised on weekly basis by our seasoned marketing manager whose objective is to make sure all marketing activities are carried out based on our principles requirements.

The chart below explains the number of team members we have that are only dedicated towards increasing our sales through marketing our brands.


Our superb and strategic network of distribution outlets enables excellent smooth sales activities in markets that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The red spots on the map indicate the number of distributors that work with Charms throughout the Country. In some areas we distribute ourselves while in other areas, we have appointed various sub-distributors.

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